Smart Fire Safety

A Spark to Quench

A spark: a flash that ends as quickly as it started. It’s so small, so sudden, so powerful. In that split second, a monster is born – one that has many faces. Sometimes it grows rapidly with a voracious appetite and consumes everything within a few moments. It is terrifying and large and obvious. Other times, however, the monster that is born is much more sneaky. It grows steadily and silently slithers stealthily all around us. It is massive. We…

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Smart Mom

My Why

Protection. You read that and immediately had a thought. Was it a condom? Was it a gun? Was it a specific person? We may all have a different initial image of what it is, but we can all agree that protection is important. There’s so many different ways we protect ourselves nowadays – many of which have become ‘second nature’. Likely, when you get into a vehicle, you reach for the seatbelt without even thinking out it. When you wake…

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