Our friendly reps are in neighbourhoods across BC working hard to keep you safe!  We send out dedicated, in-home reps who assist clients in choosing a home automation, security and wellness package that is the right fit for them and their family.  Also with our reps are our fantastic technicians who will install, maintain, and service all aspects of your system.

When we begin selling in a new area, we frequently receive two particular questions from our clients.  The first one is regarding our door-to-door sales approach as many people are not familiar with this specific sales style and wonder why we chose this method.  The second question is about ‘the rumour mill.’  Many people ask us about the situation in which individuals may make false statements about our company and services.  Through this blog post, we will explain why we sell our systems using an in-home approach and how to identify our reps so you can be confident of their legitimacy and affiliation with our company.

Why Are We Going Door-To-Door?

In short: It Works!  We have been successful by meeting with our clients directly in their homes.  We sell home automation, home security, and home wellness products – so it makes sense to meet with our clients where they will be using the product: In Their Home.  We want to make this a pleasant and easy experience; that’s why we come to you!

BC Smart does not sell a “one size fits all” package because we recognize that everyone’s needs are as unique and specific as each client.  In order to properly design the precise package for them and their family, we prefer to discuss our client’s needs in-person.

Going door-to-door also allows our customers to learn more about their options and needs at the time that is most convenient for them.  When our reps are in your home, they will perform a comprehensive needs assessment based on your unique home, family, needs and wants.  Using this needs assessment, the client and rep can find the home automation, security and wellness features that are the precise fit for them!  We believe that creating such custom solutions is best done by visiting with the clients in their homes instead of in a store or through a website.

Verifying Sales Reps

We appreciate that many people are justifiably apprehensive about door-to-door.  To help mitigate this concern, you can verify a rep’s association with our company by clicking on this link ‘Representative Verification’.  Simply enter the number on our rep’s ID badge into the link; it will then verify the rep’s affiliation (or lack thereof) with us.  Anyone may use this service – you do not need to be a client to access it.

How To Spot Us

While we are confident you already use caution when seeing someone unfamiliar in your area, we want to reiterate this excellent advice (specifically in regards to knowing how to discern an authentic BC Smart Tech rep from one who is not).  Here are two ways to assist you with this determination:

ID Badge

Our reps must carry their ID badge with them at all times.  This is the best way to recognize a true BC Smart rep.  All you have to do is scan the QR code on the ID badge and you will be sent to the “Verify Rep” page, as described above.


All of our reps and techs will have branded shirts (some will also have branded ball caps).  The colours of the shirts vary, but they will be branded with BC Smart Tech and/or Fluent.


We Hope To Meet You!

We are eager to be in your area!  We are excited to share our products and services with you and your family to ensure you are living a safer, healthier, and happier life with less stress and worry.  If you or someone you know would like any of our products, please let us know by emailing us at support@bcsmart.tech or calling us at 1.855.537.6278.  You can also get in contact with us on our Facebook page so be sure to ‘Like’ us!