You read that and immediately had a thought. Was it a condom? Was it a gun? Was it a specific person? We may all have a different initial image of what it is, but we can all agree that protection is important.

There’s so many different ways we protect ourselves nowadays – many of which have become ‘second nature’. Likely, when you get into a vehicle, you reach for the seatbelt without even thinking out it. When you wake up and before you go to bed, you brush your teeth. I’m sure you have anti-virus software and maybe even a firewall on your computer. We have PINs and passwords for every card and program. You can’t even pay your bills without a series of questions to protect your account and ensure it’s you. [Although, personally, if someone else wants to pay my bills for me – please let them!]

Sometimes we love the protection and other times it seems onerous but it is always important and necessary, especially in today’s world. Do you have children? Do you let them have access to the internet? To social media sites? To a cell phone so they can text? Do you feel they should be protected from the online predators that exist out there? You and I can probably agree that the answer is yes – they need to be protected. So we ‘web nanny’ their devices and hold on to their passwords so we can creep their accounts and think they are protected. We keep them safe by doing fire drills and baby proofing our homes when they are young. We take them to doctor and dentist check ups. We go to parent teacher interviews to ensure their success in school is protected and try to generally fill their bodies with nutritious food to protect them from sickness, as much as possible. But do you ever feel like you need more?

I did. Especially as a working parent; a parent whose significant other works out of province for weeks at a time. Regular door locks simply were not enough. So I got an alarm system. Waste of money you say? Can you put a price on your children’s safety, I ask. You don’t need it because you live in a safe neighborhood you say? So does everyone, until it’s not; and you don’t want to be house number one when it stops being so safe, I say. It’s not about the fire, smoke, and flood detectors or the extreme cold/hot sensors or cameras or doorbells. It’s not about the special door locks that notify me when my kids open and lock the doors or the safety I feel at night knowing that, if an intruder came, the cops would instantly be notified and on their way to help me. No, the reason I have an alarm system is simple: to protect my most precious and valuable possessions – my daughter and son. Protecting them is not only my job, but my duty.